Whole30 Target Grocery List with Prices

Are you wondering what groceries to buy at Target when you’re doing a Whole30? Shop to stock your fridge, freezer, and pantry right! This Paleo and Whole30 Target Grocery List is the ultimate round up of compliant and approved products, complete with the price of each item included in every photo!

When you’re done reading this post, put those groceries to good use! Be sure to check out all of the Whole30 compliant recipes I have posted here!

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Can I get everything on my Whole30 Target Grocery List?

*Good news! Shopping for your Whole30 doesn’t mean you need to shop exclusively at Whole Foods or your local farmer’s markets. You can get pretty much everything you need and want at regular stores.

I really wanted to put this post together to share that with you. Those are great options, of course, if you have access to them and can afford them (I absolutely love my local farmer’s market). But you can also shop at regular grocery stores and pick up a ton of compliant items on your weekly (or maybe daily) Target run!

But just so you know, I don’t have a Super Target, so the items on my Whole30 Target grocery list show what’s available at your run of the mill, regular Target store. Everything that’s here should be at Super Targets, but NOT visa versa. Some Whole30 Approved items I’m DYING to get my hands on (that aren’t at my store, but might be at yours) are Tribali frozen burgers and Naked Bacon. Please, if anybody at Target is listening, bring these to my store!

By the way, I also put together a Whole30 Walmart shopping list, and a Kroger shopping list, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see all the compliant items I found at those stores!

Whole30 & Non-Food Rewards

When you’re doing the Whole30, it’s important to find rewards for yourself outside of food. So often we think, “It’s been a long week, so I’m going out for cocktails!” But when you do Whole30, you have to find other ways to chill out and reward yourself. Taking a long walk or a enjoying bath are great choices, getting a mani, or buying a small item you’ve been eyeing — good choices, too! Spending $400 on a luxury purse? Not so much. You’re doing the Whole30, not curing cancer. Reign it in, people, and give yourself a little treat! But still, it’s important not to deprive yourself of things you enjoy!

One non-food reward I really like:

I make my Whole30 Target grocery list, tuck my kids in bed, kiss my husband goodbye, and pop over to Target for a late-night, leisurely stroll around the store. Of course by late night, I mean 8pm. I’m always home by 9:30… sometimes earlier. Since there was a big change at local Target recently — We FINALLY got a Starbucks — I get to make the evening even better! I grab my go-to Whole30/anytime Starbucks order: Trenta unsweetened, no water, light ice, Passion Iced Tea. Just FYI, it’s not caffeinated.

Everybody loves Target… right? Wrong.

Truth time: I used to hate grocery shopping at Target.

Are you a Target shopper? Wait, don’t answer that, because I already know the answer.. and it’s yes. Why else would you be here, right? Well, I have to tell you, I honestly could never wrap my mind around why everybody loved Target so much! Why? First of all, it’s always crowded! Second, they don’t even have anything I like.

I really couldn’t tell what all the fuss was about, so I just didn’t shop there much. Then our local pharmacy shut down, and Target became the closest pharmacy to our house. I’d have to go in sometimes to pick up prescriptions and whatever odds and ends we might need.

Spoiler alert: But now I love it.

Over the last few years and many, many Target trips, I slowly started to realize I was actually enjoying my Target runs. I looked forward to running over there to pick up something quickly. And I accidentally figured out a major hack that makes shopping at Target much better for introverts like me — Go early in the morning or very late at night. I started doing that because it was easier to leave my kids with my husband and go alone. If I needed something from Target, I’d go after he got home from work.

Okay, maybe this isn’t really a hack, but it’s totally true!

It’s quiet and the store is actually relaxing! I also found that once the place wasn’t so jam packed with people, I could actually look at what they have. And I liked what I saw! They do have what I like! It was like a cartoon lightbulb was lighting up over my head, it clicked. I was actually enjoying the Target experience. A lot! You might think I’m crazy for ever feeling like I didn’t like Target, but if you don’t, I think you should give it another try!

Okay, now let’s get down to business! Your Whole30 Target Grocery List (with prices in every picture!) is here!

Whole30 Target Grocery List (with prices!)

Whole30 Compliant Drinks

Coffee & Tea

A collage of Whole30 beverages available at Target.
Lemme just save us all some time here and tell you that Califia Farms steals the show here. Target has a great selection of coffee!

What I found:
Califia Farms – Unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened coffee creamer
Califia Farms – Black Cold Brew and single serve cold brew with almond milk
Chameleon has a great selection of compliant black cold brew coffees – their Mocha, Vanilla and Black coffee flavors come in different sizes, and I love that they’re in glass (recycle those bottles, friends!)
Starbucks also offers black, unsweetened cold brew!
Whole30 Beverages at Target
There are about a bazillion compliant tea options available! Keep in mind that just because it’s tea doesn’t mean it’s going to be compliant. Stevia and other sugars are sometimes added to tea (sneaky, sneaky!). I’m sharing some of the teas I personally love the most!

What I found:
Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea
Tazo Grapefruit Matcha and Passion Teas

Sparkling Water, Kombucha, & Juice

There were lots of refreshing, Whole30 compliant goodies over in the refrigerated aisle!

What I found:
Naked Coconut Water and Harmless Coconut Water – both are available in large and small sizes, and I think it’s nice to have that option!
Uncle Matt’s Apple Juice – This would be great in a mocktail or to sweeten salad dressings.
WTRMLNWTR – I still have not tried this myself but it just sounds amazing to me! Just think of the summer mocktails could make! It also came in two size options.
Humm Apple Berry Kombucha – not all of their flavors are compliant, but this Target-exclusive flavor is, and it is DELISH.
Whole30 drinks at Target
You know I love me a good Whole30 mocktail! Sparkling waters are great on their own or mixed up with good stuff for a fun, refreshing drink!

What I found:
Sparkling waters in a bazillion flavors from Bubly, Lacroix, and Simply Balanced
Spindrift (this has fruit juice in it so it’s a little sweeter than the others)

Whole30 Approved and Compliant: Travel, Snacks, and Emergency Food

This is where I think Target does a really good job! There are a few solid Whole30 compliant finds that’d be good for traveling or to keep in your purse, car, desk drawer, whatever.

What I found:
Del Monte Diced Peaches and Diced Pears in 100% juice – These are a solid option for picnics or packed lunches. My kids really enjoy them in their lunch boxes!
Epic Bar Venison – not all Epic bars are compliant (watch for the ones with bacon or dried fruit, they both contain sugar), but this is one is compliant and it tastes awesome! We take these on hikes and road trips and I always keep one in my diaper bag.
GoGo Blasts – These come in a few flavors and are closer to teen/adult size than the regular GoGo apple pouches (in the photo below). They are too large to go through TSA screening though, so don’t try to take them on your next flight!
RXbar Almond Butter and Vanilla Almond Butter – Try to get the plain almond butter, because it’s way less sweet and less SWYPO-y than the vanilla. Use caution, because they’re both food with no brakes, but they’re both great options for long days of traveling or to keep on hand for emergencies.
Mama Chia Chia Squeeze pouches – I like the idea here because there are actually some veggies and some chia, so you get a little extra good stuff to keep you full instead of regular fruit-only squeeze packs. It comes in a few flavors, too!
Wonderful Pistachios are a classic travel snack for us – and the bonus here is that it takes my kids forever to crack each one, so on road trips, they stay busy (read: quiet) for a little while.
Rxbar Mixed Berry – There were a ton of RXBAR flavors. Always check and use caution for SWYPO/FWNB. That said, they’re still one of my go-to emergency foods, because I’m the kind of person that just can’t always stomach a meat stick.
Annie Chun Organic seaweed snacks – Take a bag of tuna to eat with these while you’re on the road. Solid.

More Whole30 Travel, Snacks, and Emergency Food

More on the go snacks! Target did a good job here. Biiiiig pat on the back to them for bringing in some options that I haven’t seen in other grocers before.

What I found:
Freeze dried raspberries (and a ton of other fruits) with just one ingredient. Be careful, because this could easily turn into a no breaks kind of deal, but this is a fab option for long days of travel or trips that span multiple days.
Raw Cashews – there were a lot of nut options, but many weren’t compliant, either because of the oil used with them or added sugar. I was happy to find these compliant raw cashews!
Pearls Olives to go. Personally, I’d rather eat garbage than olives (I HATE olives), but if they’re your thing, this is a solid travel option.
Larabar – So many flavors of larabar are available at Target (not all are compliant, though!), but I really liked that they also had the mini version for kids and grown ups. It’s easy to go overboard with Larabars, so the smaller sizes would be good if you’re trying to keep that in check.

Whole30 Compliant Sauces & Condiments

Sauce & Salsa

I was SO unbelievably disappointed when I went to look for sauces and salsas at Target. I’ve always found these two items to be the easiest convenience foods items to find compliant, but instead, I sifted through dozens of jars, all different brands, to find just a few compliant ones.

What I found:

Classico Riserva and Simply Balanced Classic Marinaras. Good for zoodles!
Finding Rao’s Homemade at Target was like running into an great old friend after a tough day at the office. I was so happy to see it after scouring the shelves for compliant sauces! Their Arrabbiata and Pizza sauces are both compliant!

Archer Farms had probably 12 different kinds of salsa, and this was the only compliant one.
Tostitos Salsa is a classic – but the insult here is that you have to walk into the potato chip aisle to get it. It’s not located near the other salsas!
Simply Balanced is another brand with tons of varieties, mostly NON-compliant. This was the only one I found that’d work for Whole30!


Whole30 condiments at Target
Target! You definitely make up for the disappointment you caused me, because I love you for all the Whole30 condiments you have in your store!!

What I found:
Primal Kitchen Foods – Classic and Golden BBQ sauces, Ketchup, and Steak Sauces
Franks Red Hot Sauce – CLASSIC!
Sir Kensington’s Avocado Mayo – don’t get their regular mayo, it’s not compliant
Cholula Hot Sauce – love this stuff!

Refrigerated Section

Don’t forget to check the refrigerated deli/produce section! There were a bunch of compliant options there!

What I found:
Grillo’s Pickles
– These pickles are clutch! Get ’em. Totally worth the price.
Cleveland Kraut – This is the highest price point I’ve seen for them in my town (they’re normally under $6). That said, I absolutely love Cleveland Kraut. Super tasty and full of healthy probiotics to support gut health.
Egglands Best Hard Boiled Eggs – A nice option if you need quick and easy protein
Oh Snap Veggies – Pickled veggies made without sugar (there are other additives, all compliant, though).

Whole30 at Target: Pantry Staples

Cooking Oils & Spices

There were quite a few compliant oil options at Target, which is nice. As far as spices/spice blends, I couldn’t find ONE SINGLE spice blend that was compliant. There were however, a lot of compliant single-ingredient spices. The prices ranged from about $2 to $12.

What I found:
Simply Balanced has a few oil options – Olive, Sesame, and Grapeseed.
Chosen Foods Avocado Oil – it comes in a few different sizes
Carrington Farm Coconut cooking oil (it’s liquid at room temp, and I don’t know how they work that magic, but it’s compliant!)
Simply Balanced spray olive oil – Spray oil is great for anything in the air fryer!

Misc. Pantry Stuff

Pantry stuff – these are so important to help bring together quick, complete meals. I like to keep a bunch of versatile things on hand!

What I found:
Simply Balanced Almond Butter – I keep almond butter to eat whenever I don’t have enough fat with my meal. I also use it for my Whole30 Chicken Pad Thai recipe!
Bob’s Red Mill – coconut and almond flours (not for baking on Whole30 of course!)
Mezzetta– compliant sun-dried tomatoes, so it was cool to see these in stock!
Simply Balanced Full-Fat and Light Coconut milks at a great price point! Use it to make my Coconut Mojito Mocktail!
Simply Balanced Tuna – These are three compliant canned tuna options out of a TON of noncompliant tuna options. Remember to check always, always your labels!

Whole30 at Target: Meat & Seafood

Remember, all meat is Whole30 compliant (unless there’s something added to it). You DON’T have to buy organic, grass-fed, kissed-by-a-unicorn stuff to rock your Whole30. Conventional is a-okay. Here I’m sharing some Whole30 Target grocery finds that I think are useful convenience items or an interesting option.

Prepared sausages, lunch meat, and cured meats

Whole30 Meat at Target
Target does an awesome job in this department, too! I was excited to find actual lunch meat to pack in my kids’ lunches (and to make collard wraps, woo!) AND a ton of compliant hot dogs for easy dinners.

What I found:
Aidell’s Chicken and Apple sausage – A classic that never goes out of style!
Applegate – Chicken Breast and Smoked Turkey!
Prosciutto – no surprise here, prosciutto is almost always compliant (pork + salt). Use it for my Whole30 Prosciutto Wrapped Pears or Whole30 Snack Board!
Hot dogs! Hebrew National Uncured, Applegate Organic, and Applegate Natural – all compliant!

More meat

There are a good amount of compliant meat options available at Target!

What I found:
Ground Beef – preformed sliders and regular sized burgers
Simply Balanced compliant frozen chicken burgers
A variety of cuts of chicken, turkey, and pork, all compliant
Pre-made Chicken and Veggies Kababs
Bubba Burgers Angus. One ingredient, not a big surprise there!

Whole30 at Target: Fruits and Veggies

Freezer Aisle

A collage of bagged, frozen vegetables and fruits.
SO. MANY. VEGGIE. RICES. I was pleasantly surprised to see a TON of compliant fruits and veggies on my grocery list here at Target. Keeping a bunch of them in my freezer makes throwing together complete meals a lot faster and easier. It’s especially helpful if you find yourself on the less prepared side of things come dinnertime…. not that I’d know (wink). Just be careful of the pre-seasoned veggie blends and of added sugars sometimes found in frozen fruit.

What I found:
Green Giant Riced Veggies: Cauliflower & Broccoli, Cauliflower and Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, and Cauliflower.
Lots of frozen fruit, great for mocktails!
Thrive Veggie Mixes – This is a super cool product at a great price point! Both the Stir-Fry blend and Fajita mix are compliant!

Fresh Goodies

Fruits and Veggie Aisle collage
In case you were wondering, there’s a ton of FRESH fruit and vegetable options at Target! I loved seeing all the produce out – it all looked great!

Update: Whole30 Approved Vital Proteins is now at Target! CELEBRATE!!!

A photo of a tub of Vital Proteins Collagen beside the Target Logo

You’ll find Vital Proteins beauty collagen and unflavored collagen peptides in the beauty aisle!

Then check out my collagen recipes, like my Paleo Collagen Protein Waffles, my Paleo Pumpkin Protein Bites, or my Collagen Kombucha Mocktail.

Now tell me, what’s on your Whole30 Target grocery list? Does your store carrying anything I missed? Please share in the comments! And if you pick up any of these Target finds, I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram @cookathomemom!

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