Whole30 Walmart Grocery Guide with Prices

Wondering what groceries to buy at Walmart when you’re doing a Whole30? Shop to stock your fridge, freezer, and pantry right! This Whole30 Walmart Grocery Guide is the ultimate round up of compliant and approved products, complete with the price of each item!

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Would you like to know the number one most important thing I do to set myself up for a successful Whole30? Keep my home stocked with Whole30 compliant groceries. Seriously. Because being prepared with compliant food can make or break your Whole30, it’s that important. So if you’re wondering what groceries you should put on your list when you’re doing a Whole30, I got you covered! In this post, I’ll tell you what Whole30 compliant groceries are found at Walmart, along with the prices in every photo!

So if you’re wondering what groceries you should put on your list when you’re doing a Whole30, I got you covered! In this post, I’ll tell you what Whole30 compliant groceries are found at Walmart, along with the prices in every photo!

Now remember, once you’ve got all your groceries, check out my Whole30 Recipes section for tons of compliant recipes!

Why I love shopping for my Whole30 at Walmart:

People are always surprised to hear I do get mostly everything on my Whole30 shopping list at Walmart. I started shopping there because it was the closest store to where I lived, and you know what? I was impressed!

Time after time, the quality of their produce was great, the selection was amazing (they carry a TON of Whole30 Approved brands), and guess what else? Their FREE online grocery pick up changed my life. More on that coming in a bit.

I really wanted to put together this Whole30 Walmart Grocery Guide to share all the amazing things available at the store in pretty much everybody’s backyard!

The only things I didn’t find? Compliant bacon, compliant mayo, and lunch meat (except prosciutto and salami… but I’m talking about things I can pack in my kids’ lunch boxes). You’re better than that, Walmart. I mean, seriously, if you’re gonna do this thing, do it right!

The Life-Changing Magic of Walmart Online Ordering & Store Pickup

Like I said, grocery pickup in a total game-changer, and this is coming from someone who really likes grocery shopping. Ever since I had kids, though, grocery shopping isn’t that great. It’s always a little rushed, timed between naps, meals, and meltdowns, and even when I bring a list, I inevitably forget something important and have to make a second trip to the store.

Grocery pickup is so good for my budget, my Whole30, and my sanity.

Every week, I make a basic meal plan, then sit down and use that to make my Walmart Shopping List add the groceries to my online order all at once. As I start to run out of things throughout the week, I just add those things to the list, too (an added convenience is the Walmart app that you can get on your phone). There is almost always pickup availability SAME DAY or at the very least, the next day, at the store near me, so whenever you’re ready to go get everything, to pick up your order, you just schedule your time. All you need to do then, is go get it.

The best part about it is there’s no wandering the aisles and absolutely no emergency bathroom trips with a cart full of kids. It’s so much less stress! And if I’m being completely honest, whenever I’m waiting pick up my order, I watch all the people going into the store and kind of feel sorry for them. I’m sure they’re fine, but still.

Especially if you’re doing a Whole30, I totally recommend taking advantage of grocery pick-up from Walmart or whatever grocer near you offers it.

It’ll definitely help keep you in line with your budget and also keep you from picking up those oh so tempting non-compliant items. Feel free to use my referral link if you want to try Walmart’s service — it’d give you $10 off your first order (I’d also get $10 as a referral bonus, but I’m not sharing it for that reason… just trying to help spread the joy of online shopping)!

But anyway, here’s some of what I found that’d be great for your next Whole30! Let me know in the comments below if YOU find anything else at your local store! Happy shopping!

Your Whole30 Walmart Grocery Guide with Prices!

*Always double check ingredients lists, as food companies do make changes!

Whole30 Compliant Sauces, Spreads & Condiments


A collage of condiments
I used to make all of my own salad dressings, ketchup and mayo, but honestly, I just don’t have the time for it. And at these price points, I think it’s *usually* worth it to just buy a few and keep them for when you need them.

What I found:
Tessemae’s Salad Dressings are available in the refrigerated section AND the pantry aisle. There are a few that aren’t compliant so look for the Whole30 Approved mark or double check the label (I use their Ranch on my Whole30 BBQ Chicken & Ranch Sliders)
Primal Kitchen Foods and Tessemae’s Ketchup
Frank’s Hot Sauce, such a classic (and perfect for my Paleo Buffalo Chicken Nachos!!).
Primal Kitchen Foods Mayo is available at select Walmarts (I’m told), but not at mine.
Almost every classic yellow mustard I saw was compliant but I didn’t bother taking a photo because yellow mustard is yellow mustard is yellow mustard. You know what I mean?
Sir Kensington’s Buffalo Ranch


A collage of sauces and salsas
Get your zoodles ready because these tomato sauces are compliant! There are actually a lot of compliant tomato sauces available, and just as many noncompliant items with sneaky sugar and dairy. Be sure to check your labels!

What I found:
Italia Arrabbiata Sauce
Rao’s Homemade Tomato Basil. Rao’s also offers compliant Marinara and Arrabiata sauces (I it in my Whole30 Shrimp Fra Diavolo recipe!)
Lucini Roasted Garlic Marinara

Refrigerated Section

Lettuce wraps are boring no more! Don’t forget the refrigerated section for your condiments.

What I found:
Grillo’s pickles and pickle chips.
Cleveland Kraut in the deli/refrigerated section, too. *Update: The Gnar Gnar flavor is NOT compliant!
Good Foods Buffalo Style Dip is available in the refrigerated aisle near the salad kits, and it sounds really interesting!
Guac on guac on guac! I didn’t read every single label because there were SO MANY OPTIONS, but of the 10 or so brands and shapes and sizes that I did check, they were all compliant. Very nice!

Snacks, Travel, and Emergency Food

A collage of snacks and emergency foods
I was pleasantly surprised at the many travel-friendly options available at Walmart.

What I found:
Starkist individual servings of tuna in oil
GAEA individual packages of marinated vegetables and herbs in oil
Wild Zora meat bars, Whole30 Approved!
Epic bars (they’re not all compliant, so check!) but we really like the Venison bars (even my one year old!)
Chomps Meat sticks
Dole fruit cups in 100% juice (I don’t love Dole as a company but hey, you gotta take what you can get. I also found compliant mandarin oranges)
Mott’s unsweetened apple sauce cups
Wonderful Pistachios (gotta always check nuts for the oils/added sugar)
RXbar Vanilla Almond Butter packets (use caution with these! They’re super sweet and definitely wade deep into SWYPO territory, or at the very least can be a food with no brakes snack. That said, they’re a solid option to keep in your purse or for long days of travel).

Whole30 Compliant Meat & Seafood

*Reminder: There are lots of compliant options because ALL MEAT, SEAFOOD AND EGGS are compliant, so long as there’s nothing noncompliant added to them. So yes, the 79 cent eggs are a-okay. Conventional beef? Perfectly fine! Just check the labels and make sure there’s no sneaky sugar or junk added. Below I’m sharing a few of the more specialty items I think are cool to find, but this is by no means an exhaustive list of compliant items.

A collage of whole30 compliant raw meat
What I found:
Ground bison, grass-fed beef, organic chicken thighs, and organic turkey were things that, just a few years ago, would be unheard of for a store like Walmart! I think it’s really cool to see options like that here here!

I also really enjoyed seeing the ready-to-cook prepackaged Slow Cooker Beef and Veggies. Basically, there’s no chopping or prep work required – it does include a seasoning packet but I couldn’t really tell if it was compliant or not (the package had gotten wet and was hard to read). I err on the side of caution, so I’d add my own seasonings, dump it in the crock pot, and enjoy!

Cured Meats and Eggs

A collage of Whole30 compliant meats and eggs
What I found:
Aidell’s Chicken and Apple sausages have been a staple in our household for yeaaaaars. They’re good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, pretty much whenever!
Del Duca Prosciutto: Prosciutto is almost always compliant (the only ingredients are usually pork and salt), but always check because you never know! This brand works perfectly!
Pete & Gerry’s eggs are expensive as hell but super delicious and worth the splurge, otherwise I buy Great Value Organic or England’s Best. Use them to make my Chorizo, Potato, and Kale Frittata!
Applegate Hot Dogs are on my grocery list EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Super kid friendly!
Nova Smoked Salmon: Smoked salmon is hit or miss, with sugars or sulphates sometimes added, but when you find some compliant smoked salmon, buy it! It is SO good.

Freezer Items

Complete Freezer Meals

Whole30 compliant freezer meals! Five years ago, that was a pipe dream. Not anymore friends!

What I found:
Beetnik Paleo freezer meals – all organic, grass fed, etc.
Great Value Freezer meals (Whole30 Approved, of course!)
Grandcestors is another option that has a big ole Whole30 Approved stamp right there on the front of their package, but for me, five bucks is about where I draw the line for a frozen meal, so we haven’t tried them yet (they’re $7.98).

Veggies & Bone Broths

A collage of Whole30 compliant frozen vegetables and fruit
There’s a great range of frozen fruit and vegetable options at Walmart, from conventional to organic.

What I found:
Bonafide Provisions Bone Broths – Chicken and Beef Bone Broths
Great Value Organic beets, Organic Butternut Squash, Broccoli Florets and
Green Giant Cauliflower Rice
Green Giant Veggie Spirals would be a nice option to keep around, too!

Whole30 Walmart Grocery Guide: Pantry Items

Spices & Seasoning Blends

A collage of Whole30 compliant spices
Lots and lots of spice options are available, with prices ranging from 98 cents to about 12 bucks. Most are compliant but always check, especially seasoning blends, because I see sugar in a lot of them.

What I found:
Riega Organics has compliant Taco, Fajita, and Veggie seasoning
Zen of Slow Cooking has compliant Southwest, Tuscan, and Indian Dal slow cooker blends
McCormick and Great Value both offer a huge variety of spices, a lot organic
Badia spices are almost all 98 cents – they come in little baggies. Good for if you want to try something new but don’t want to drop $10 on a bottle.

Pantry Essentials

A collage of miscellaneous Whole30 compliant groceries
Things I always, always keep in my pantry: The things in this photo. I’m serious, you guys.

What I found:
Imagine Chicken Broth & Chicken Bone Broth.
Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour
MaraNatha Almond Butter. I take a scoop whenever I notice my meal didn’t have a fat.. which happens to me a lot!
Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk – Make my Whole30 Coconut Mojito Mocktail!
Wild Planet Foods, Starkist Tuna, and more. There are a ton of compliant tuna and a few that aren’t, so remember to R those L’s.
Wildcrafted Turmeric Paste – a really nice flavor booster in soups, stews, eggs, and more.

Cooking Oils & Ghee

The Whole30 compliant oils, ghee, and animal fats with prices that are available at Walmart
I’m an oil lady! Using a variety of cooking oils is such a simple way to incorporate new flavors into your recipes. Just be careful, spray oils sometimes have non-compliant emulsifiers and even oils you’d assume are single ingredient can be mixed with junk. That said, there are TONS of compliant options.

What I found:
Pompeian spray olive oil is compliant. I use it for whatever I put in my air fryer!
Kelapo Ghee is another a staple in my house and the first time I tried it, I was totally hooked.
Chosen Foods has compliant spray avocado oil, plus bottles of avocado oil (avocado oil is awesome for high heat cooking)!
La Tourangelle Sesame and Walnut Oil are fab and totally elevate any dish you’d use them in!
CoCaVo Coconut/Avocado Oil blends that comes in various yummy flavors (I haven’t tried this one myself, but it sounds like it’d be really flavorful without being too coconut-y).
Fatworks duck fat, lard, and tallow are available at Walmart!? Can we just take a second to recognize how cool that is?!

Whole30 Compliant Beverages

Sparkling Water, Kombucha, and Fruit Juice

Whole30 Compliant Walmart Shopping Guide - a collage of more Beverages!
There’s just something fun about drinking something fun that makes you feel… normal (?) when you’re doing the Whole30. Do you know what I mean? It’s really nice that there are soooo many drink options, lightly sweet and fizzy, just what I enjoy on a hot day!

What I found:
We alternate between buying La Croix, Bubly, and Waterloo – Use them in my Strawberry Basil Smash Mocktail or Grapefruit Sage Sparkler Mocktail recipes.
Purity is really nice, lightly sweet and bubbly, too (it’s closer in flavor to Spindrift)!
A whole friggin Coconut, all wrapped in plastic with a straw attached, in case you want the real deal. It seemed like a novelty item to me, I guess. Would you buy that?
C2O Coconut Water (in beverage aisle) and Harmless Coconut Water (in the produce/refrigerated section)
WTRMLN Watermelon juice, which sounds like it would be life changing in a mocktail!

Coffee & Tea

Whole30 Compliant Walmart Shopping Guide - Beverages
You don’t have to give up your coffee or tea just because you’re doing Whole30! You do have to be careful about what you have, though. Check it out!

What I found:
Gold Peak and Pure Leaf unsweetened iced teas. Easy and good for a hot day!
Starbucks Iced Coffee. It’s unflavored but would be good with some Nutpods!
So Fresco itty bitty Turmetic and Cayenne shots – I’m totally getting one next time I have a head cold!
Chameleon Cold Brew – their cold brew Mocha and Black Coffees are both compliant!

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So that’s it, everything on my Whole30 Walmart Shopping list! Now I need a nap.

I’d love to know — What do you think of this Whole30 Walmart Grocery Guide? Have you grocery shopped at Walmart before, and did you find anything different? Let me know in the comments below!