Whole30 and Paleo Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for awesome, unique Christmas and Holiday gifts to give your loved ones, you’re in the right place! This is the ULTIMATE Whole30 and Paleo Holiday Gift Guide, with ideas designed to fit every budget! I’ve compiled a huge list of all the best kitchen and lifestyle essentials for everybody on your list, plus fun stocking stuffers, too!

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Really, is there anybody out there who doesn’t like to do at least one of these three things: Eat, Cook, or Entertain? No. No, there isn’t. So here’s how I laid it out for ya:

Table of Contents

Be warned, I included a few unconventional gift ideas… because but it can be fun to think outside the box a bit! I was careful not to include any crazy big-ticket luxury gifts here either. I wanted to include fun Paleo and Whole30 products and services as ideas for gift giving, no matter what type of budget works for you!

The Ultimate Roundup of Whole30 and Paleo Gifts, with ideas for everybody!

Remember, Whole30 people are just regular people. I think all the gift ideas listed would be awesome presents for pretty much anybody, whether they’re gearing up for the January Whole30 or not.

The nice thing about this gift guide is that the gift are ALSO Paleo and/or Whole30 friendly. So whether you’re looking for a holiday present for your mom, boyfriend, co-worker, or just a little something for yourself (because yes, you deserve to treat yo self!), I’ve got you covered! 

And be sure to check out my Whole30 compliant recipes, and get my Whole30 Meal Plan, complete with weekly grocery lists, too! 

This post contains some affiliate links. That means if you click and decide to make a purchase, a small commission goes to Cook at Home Mom at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Okay, now get ready to mark some people off your lists. Here are my picks for best Whole30 and Paleo Holiday gifts!

Gifts for the January Whole30-er

A white water bottle as a gift ideas with the words "Whole30" on the side

Whole30 Water Bottle
A simple design and it keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot. Every sip is a constant reminder to stay motivated! Order on Amazon.

Whole30 Day by Day book cover gift idea

Whole30 Day by Day
This book is a total game changer! Part journal, part guide, I highly recommend it, especially for someone’s first round of Whole30. Buy it on Amazon.

Stack of Glass Meal Prep Containers

Glass Meal Prep Containers
Because on Whole30, there’s a whole lot of veggie chopping, batch cooking, & meal prepping. These meal prep containers will be SO useful and they travel great!

Whole30 Mamas Membership (with discount!)
If someone you love is trying to conceive, pregnant, or a mom of little ones, I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have the support of this community. Sign up your loved one for a membership (they get to be members forever!) using code COOKATHOME and get $40 off.

Tessemae's sauces and salad dressings

Whole30 Sauce Essentials
Make their January Whole30 a whole lot more flavorful – gift the gift of sauces! I’ve personally tried every single one of these, and they’re all delicious!

Kitchen Aid immersion blender with attachments

Kitchenaid Immersion Blender
Just think of the homemade mayo! I use my immersion blender ALL THE TIME to make sauces and condiments, even to froth up a homemade latte. Shop on Amazon.

Gifts for the Host/Hostess

Whole30 Friends and Family Cookbook Cover

Friends and Family Cookbook
The newest in the Whole30 cookbooks from Melissa Urban. It’s got compliant recipes for every occasion you can think of, and the photos are lovely! Get it on Amazon.

Ninja Airfryer on a white marble board, whole30 and paleo gift idea

Ninja Air Fryer, Grill, and Countertop Oven Combo
I’ve shared about this product so much because I use it every day! It’s really great for hosts because they can have whip up a dish in a flash! Check it out on Amazon (it’s on sale right now!)

Microgreens growing inside a wooden kit.

Tabletop Microgreen Growing Kit
Organic Microgreen kit to grow your own nutritious Microgreens from the convenience of your home or office. Buy it on Amazon.

Bottle of Partanna olive oil with red label.

Partanna Sicilian Olive Oil
Super flavorful Italian olive oil, an easy way to infuse flavor and healthy fat into your meals. Shop on Amazon or buy at Walmart.

Gifts for the Chef

Side view of a stainless Steel frying pan

Mauviel Frying Pan
Anything you buy from Mauviel is going to be a legacy-quality piece. I use mine ALL the time, and I absolutely adore it. Check it out on Amazon.

Side view of a large wooden cutting board.

Boos Cutting Board
I’ve had my oversized Boos cutting board for about 9 years. I use it all the time, and it’s still in excellent shape! Check it out on Amazon.

Side view of a white spiralizer.

A spiralizer makes your Whole30 a lot more fun! Favorite features: It’s compact enough for kitchens without a ton of storage, and it’s VERY easy to clean.

Different cuts of beef on a wooden cutting board.

Wagyu And Kobe Beef: Snake River Farms
This is the gold standard when it comes to beef. Trust me on this one, there’s no better beef out there. This stuff is FABULOUS. They have expertly curated packages that any meat lover would be THRILLED to get.

Gifts for the Busy Person

Photo of an Instant Pot

Instant Pot
Know someone who still doesn’t have an instant pot? Chances are, they’re waiting for it as a holiday gift, and it’s a definitely Whole30 essential. Such a time saver!! Grab this one for them – it has a slow cooker function, too (best of both worlds!)

Sunbasket Meal Delivery Graphic

Sun Basket Organic Meal Kit Delivery
This is my favorite meal delivery service! Their Paleo options are usually Whole30 compliant too (you just need to choose the ones that are), and everybody needs a night off sometimes. 

Cover of Fast & Easy Cookbook

Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook
This book helps you put together unbelievably delicious meals in about 30 minutes or less! And did you know I have two recipes in this cookbook?! Check it out on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

Different kinds of fish and seafood on a wooden board.

Fish Fixe
Premium, sustainably sourced & pre-portioned seafood in the prettiest packaging ever! Gift certificates available!

Stocking Stuffers / Secret Santa Gifts

Great Emergency Food and they have some AIP options, too! Hop on over to their Amazon shop or at their online store.

Whole30 Approved Gift certificate to NakedBaconCo.com

Naked Bacon Gift Certificate
This is the BEST tasting bacon of all time AND it’s Whole30 Approved, meaning there’s no sugar, nitrates, or anything artificial used to make it.

Assortment of Wild Zora products packaged in a Christmas box.

Wild Zora Gift Box
$55 of their best selling Whole30 products for $37.95! Order through their online store.

Plastic tub of Vital Proteins collagen

Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen
Shop their bazillion different collagen products on Amazon or at Target stores.

Jacobsen Salt Co sampler pack.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Gift Set
These infused sea salts are ridiculously flavorful. Grab this set as a hostess gift or for the foodie you love. 

A graphic with the words "Your coffee can change her life: 100% of profits provide clean water and education"

Three Avocados Coffee
I LOVE coffee, and these guys have some amazing coffee! Better yet, they have an amazing cause! You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for checking out my 2019 Whole30 & Paleo Holiday Gift Guide!

I’m excited and full of ideas for fun and unconventional Whole30 gift giving ideas (on a budget, hello!). Which gift would you like to give… or get?