Snap Kitchen Promo Code & Review, Whole30 + Keto

I’m sharing an honest review of Snap Kitchen, a cool new meal delivery service sending fully cooked (never frozen) Whole30 Approved, Paleo, Keto, and Vegetarian meals directly to your door! I’m also sharing a Snap Kitchen discount / promo code: COOKATHOME will get you $45 off!

Snap Kitchen Promo Code

Here’s how the discount and promo code works with Snap Kitchen:

  • Shop their site and use code COOKATHOME at checkout. You’ll get $15 off your first 3 orders, a $45 discount in total!

Okay, now let’s get down to the full Snap Kitchen review!

Snap Kitchen's Whole30 Romesco Salmon, served in the paper bowl with a plastic fork.

What I like about Snap Kitchen

Ordering is Easy

I really like that they make it super simple to choose your meals and place orders. You’re able to see all the meals laid out and clearly categorized (Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Side Components), then just choose what you want.

Price is Good

If you order a 12 meal box from Snap Kitchen, the price per meal is $9.58. If you order a 6 meal box, the price per meal is 11.67.

When you break it down, that’s just a bit more than it costs to eat at McDonald’s, and much less than what it costs to eat at my town’s local salad restaurant (where a salad can be $13 – $17!).

Lots of Options

By far, the nicest thing is that they’ve got a bunch of Whole30 Approved, Keto Friendly, Paleo, and Vegetarian meals for order through their delivery service.

That means you can order meals for whatever plan you’re following, and if you and your family are doing different things, it makes it very easy to keep everyone happy.

The Meals: Whole30, Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian

I got to try 5 different Whole30 Approved recipes in my first Snap Kitchen meal delivery. I couldn’t try the sixth one that came in the box (the Chicken Tenders), because my boys immediately opened it and ate the whole thing! And I’m only half mad about it.

The first meal I tried was Romesco Salmon (pictured above), followed by Naked Beef (pictured below), then Chicken Thighs with Harvest Vegetables, Over Easy Sweet Potato Hash, and Romesco Chicken. The Romesco Salmon, Naked Beef, and Romesco Chicken are all also Low Carb / Keto friendly.

Watch the video in this post to hear all my thoughts on the Romesco Salmon in real time, but I’ll tell you, I wasn’t disappointed with any of the meals I tried.

I was a bit worried that the beef and egg dishes wouldn’t travel well or reheat nicely. Surprisingly, I think they did both just fine. Even so, if you aren’t a person who likes reheated eggs, then you’d probably want to choose a different option.

All of the proteins were cooked nicely, and the vegetables weren’t overcooked and soggy at all. The portion sizes were large enough to fill me up.

The Naked Beef Whole30 meal with sliced beef, cauliflower, and green beans, plated in a white bowl.

Final Thoughts: Whole30 Meal Delivery

To sum up my Snap Kitchen review, I am absolutely thrilled to know that this meal delivery service even exists. Beyond that, they do a really good job of making the process easy, and giving us lots of tasty options at a very fair price.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like to cook most of my meals at home! But the fact that we can get healthy, delicious meals that meet the Whole30 meal template and/or are Keto friendly delivered right to our doors is pretty amazing.

Will I order again?

Yes, for sure. I won’t order every week, because the way my life is right now, I don’t need to. I work from home and I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule, plus it’s a bit of a luxury.

Instead, I’m keeping my account on pause and planning on placing an order every so often, for when I know I have a busy week coming up or the time I got a minor concussion (I talked about that more on my Instagram page). It’s a great option for me and my sometimes crazy life!

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