Whole30 and Paleo Holiday Gift Guide (2018-2019)

The ULTIMATE Whole30 and Paleo Holiday Gift Guide to fit every budget! I’ve compiled an awesome list of all the best kitchen and lifestyle essentials, plus fun stocking stuffers, too!

Looking for the best gift ideas this holiday season for your Paleo or Whole30 friend or family member? Look no further! I’ve compiled my absolute favorite Paleo and Whole30 products and services of 2018 for you! Be warned, I included a few unconventional gift ideas… because traditional gifts are wonderful, but it can be fun to think outside the box a bit too! I was careful not to include any big-ticket luxury gifts here either. I wanted to include fun ideas for gift giving, no matter what type of budget works for you!

The Ultimate Roundup of Whole30 and Paleo Gifts… for everybody!

Remember, Paleo people are just regular people. I think all the gift ideas listed would be awesome presents for pretty much anybody, whether they’re gearing up for the January Whole30 or not. Really, is there anybody out there who doesn’t like to do at least one of these three things: eat, cook, or entertain? No. The answer is NO! The nice thing about this gift guide is that the gift are ALSO Paleo and/or Whole30 friendly. So whether you’re looking for a holiday present for your mom, boyfriend, co-worker, or just a little something for yourself (because yes, you deserve to treat yo self!), I’ve got you covered! 

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Get ready to cross some people off your list, folks!


Monogrammed Marble Cheese Board
I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t absolutely love this as a gift. It’s just so unique and pretty! And no, we won’t be using it for cheese.. until February!

I’ve had four spiralizers over the course of the last few years, and this is by far the best. It’s like someone read my mind every time I got annoyed with the other ones, and made this especially for me! Favorite features: It’s compact enough for kitchens without a ton of storage, and it’s VERY easy to clean.

Copper Pitcher
Mocktails are an essential part of my Whole30s, especially during the holidays! Plus every home cook needs a pretty pitcher, dontcha think?

Wusthof Knife Set & Block
For that person who just has the worst friggin’ knives ever. You know who I’m talking about (cough, my sister, cough).

Walnut Serving Tray 
Snack boards, entree salads, frittatas, oh my! Everyone could use a pretty & durable serving tray for their Whole30 masterpieces. 

Chef’s Apron
A great gift for any cooking enthusiast (or former microwave-chef  attempting their first Whole30)!

Slow Cooker Cookbook
This is the brand new cookbook from Whole30 creator Melissa Hartwig. The recipes in the Whole30 cookbooks are ALWAYS, ALWAYS amazing! 

How to Cook Everything Cookbook
I’ve recommended this cookbook to countless people over the years. It’s surprisingly full of a lot of (pretty much) paleo or whole30 recipes, with easy to follow instructions and simple ingredients. 

Instant Pot
Know someone who still doesn’t have an instant pot? Chances are, they’re waiting for it as a holiday gift, and it’s a definitely Whole30 essential. Such a time saver!! Grab this one for them – it has a slow cooker function, too (best of both worlds!)

Marble Ceramic Canisters
Pretty things to stuff full of meat sticks & nut butters. 

Glass Meal Prep Containers
Because on Whole30, there’s a whole lot of veggie chopping, batch cooking, & meal prepping. These meal prep containers will be SO useful!

Krups Toaster
Oh, just THINK of all the sweet potato toast!

Paleo Holiday Gift Guide: AAAAAALL THE YUMMY STUFF.

Cook At Home Mom - 2018 Ultimate Paleo & Whole30 Gift Guide

Sun Basket Organic Meal Kit Delivery
My favorite PALEO meal delivery service for the whole family – because every foodie needs a night off sometimes. Everything is organic and super high quality! I LOVE Sunbasket. Sign up and get 50% off.

Cook At Home Mom - 2018 Ultimate Paleo & Whole30 Gift Guide

Kurobuta Holiday Ham
Every Christmas, my grandma would send a holiday ham to us. It was such a thrilling day, when it’d show up at our doorstep! This ham is heritage breed, raised on a small family farm without hormones. Delicious!

Cook At Home Mom - 2018 Ultimate Paleo & Whole30 Gift Guide

Wagyu And Kobe Beef: Snake River Farms
This is the gold standard when it comes to beef. Trust me on this one, there’s no better beef out there. This stuff is FABULOUS. They have expertly curated packages that any meat lover would be THRILLED to get. Use codes: FRIDAY18 (11/19-11/23) or CYBERBOGO (11/24-11/26)

Fish Fixe
Premium, sustainably sourced & pre-portioned seafood in the prettiest packaging ever! Gift certificates available!

Cook At Home Mom - 2018 Ultimate Paleo & Whole30 Gift Guide

Naked Bacon Gift Certificate
This is the BEST tasting bacon of all time AND it’s Whole30 Approved, meaning there’s no sugar, nitrates, or anything artificial used to make it.

Cook At Home Mom - 2018 Ultimate Paleo & Whole30 Gift Guide

Smoothie Box
 For the smoothie lover in your life! I was super impressed when I tried this monthly delivery service. It has everything you need for a protein packed, lower sugar smoothie. You’ll get individual packs of grass fed collagen, veggies, and fruits all prepped and ready to go – just add your liquid of choice. (Get $25 off your first box)

Paleo Holiday Gift Guide: STOCKING STUFFERS

Jacobsen Salt Co - Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Jacobsen Salt Co. Gift Set
These salts are ridiculously flavorful. Grab this set as a hostess gift or for the foodie you love. 

Avocado Tee
Okay, this is amazing. And SO TRUE.

Salt Cellar
Leave it to Anthropologie to make the prettiest salt cellar I’ve ever seen! I’m crazy over the twisting lid too.

ShareBar Protein Bar
They don’t  just taste good, they do good! For every delicious bar you buy, they give one to a child in need. My heart! We’re big fans of all the flavors, but I especially love the chocolate covered ones.. and so do my kids!

Avocado Saver! Cook At Home Mom - 2018 Ultimate Paleo & Whole30 Gift Guide

Avocado Saver
This works pretty great, actually. And when you go through a bazillion avocados like I do, it’s really handy!

Cook At Home Mom - 2018 Ultimate Paleo & Whole30 Gift Guide

Whole30 Sauce Essentials
Make their January Whole30 a whole lot more flavorful – gift the gift of sauces! I’ve personally tried every single one of these, and they’re all delicious!

Paleo Valley Beef Sticks
Full of natural probiotics and grass fed beef, these are sure to make anybody’s Paleo life a WHOLE lot easier. 
20% off with codes BFPV20 (11/23-11/25), CYBER20 (11/26), REAL20 (11/28-12/12)

Everybody’s favorite Whole30 emergency food!

Thanks for checking out my 2018 Ultimate Whole30 & Paleo Holiday Gift Guide! I’m excited and full of ideas for fun and unconventional gift giving (on a budget, hello!). Which gift would you like to give… or get? 

And be sure to check out my Whole30 compliant recipes, too!