Best Paleo & Whole30 Cookbooks (2020)

Looking for the best Paleo and Whole30 Cookbooks for busy people and their busy lives? I’ve got you covered! I’ve updated this post to share my 12 favorite cookbooks to help make healthy, easy meals fit into your jam-packed schedule. Oh, and did I mention I’m featured in one of these cookbooks? No? Keep reading!

Easy Whole30 + Paleo Recipes

Is your life busy? Duh, the answer is yes.

Because everybody’s life is busy! At this season in my life, with work, little kids, and just running around all over the place, we’re always going a million miles an hour, and I don’t always have time to sift through stacks of cookbooks or peruse Pinterest for meal ideas.

I also don’t have time to cook anything complicated. But guess what? You don’t need a million cookbooks to have an arsenal of delicious, easy paleo recipes at your fingertips, you only need a few really good ones.

Of course I have a ton of great recipes on my blog here: like my crazy fast and delicious Turkey Egg Roll in a Bowl or Shrimp Fra Diavolo recipes.

If you want to know my recommendations for the ten BEST Whole30 cookbooks for busy people…

Here they are! They’re all filled with easy and delicious Paleo recipes that work with your life.

I chose cookbooks with time saving tips, meal prep strategies, and best of all… lots of simple, completely mouthwatering Paleo and Whole30 compliant recipes.

*This post contains some affiliate links, meaning a small percentage of sales referred through these links will go to support Cook at Home Mom, at no additional cost to you.

The BEST Whole30 & Paleo Cookbooks for Busy People:

Paleo Perfected Cookbook - Whole30 Cookbooks for Busy People

Paleo Perfected

America’s Test Kitchen always does a fantastic job of sharing tried and true, absolutely perfect recipes! Check it out on Amazon.

The cover of Asian Paleo Cookbook written in large black font, pictured with a large green bowl filled with zucchini noodles and sauce.

Asian Paleo

This totally unique cookbook is absolutely lovely, with lots of simple, quick, and SUPER flavorful dishes. Author Chih Yu Smith even includes weekly meal plan ideas to help cut down on prep time and planning! Get it on Amazon!

Paleo Perfected Cookbook - Whole30 Cookbooks for Busy People

How to Cook Everything

The title is so right, you’ll learn to cook EVERYTHING in this cookbook. For those interested in expanding their cooking skillset, I recommend this one (note: there aren’t any photos, just simple step-by-step instructions) and if you’re just starting out, get the How to Cook Everying: The Basics book (this one is FULL of photos!). Recipes aren’t strictly Whole30 or Paleo, but many are or can be very easily adapted. Check it out on Amazon Amazon.

Cover of Made Whole cookbook, which shows a large spread of food on a white board and the words "Made Whole, more than 145 Anti-Inflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes"

Made Whole

This is both a cookbook and resource guide, that combines the Paleo approach with the low-carb/ketogenic diet. You’ll find all the tools you need to be successful on a ketogenic diet, along with advice and how-tos for using the keto template to eat intuitively. It also helps you create a personalized nutrition plan based. Get it on Amazon!

Paleo Perfected Cookbook - Whole30 Cookbooks for Busy People

Well Fed Weeknights

One of the best Paleo cookbooks I’ve seen in a long time! Every recipe is really well thought out and works for real life. Lots of options for variations/adaptations. Most recipes are Whole30 too, yay! Check it out on Amazon.

Whole30 Fast & Easy

Don’t mind me tooting my own horn, but I’m a featured contributor in this Whole30 cookbook!! I have to say, it’s SO cool to see my face and two of my recipes inside a NYT Best Seller! Every Whole30 compliant recipe in this cookbook is unbelievably delicious and can be made in about 30 minutes. I think it’d make a great gift! Check it out on Amazon.

Paleo Perfected Cookbook - Whole30 Cookbooks for Busy People

Ready or Not

Coming in hot from Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo, this cookbook instantly became one of my all-time favorites. It’s filled with simple and delicious recipes, a lot of which can be made ahead of time. My favorite thing about it is her signature step-by-step follow-along instructions! Check it out on Amazon.

Eat Real Food or Else

I really love the philosophy of the authors (one is an MD), and they include a ton of information, so there’s a lot to read in this cookbook besides the recipes. A great cookbook if you’re interested in learning a bit of the science behind Paleo living. Check it out on Amazon Amazon.

Meals Made Simple

Meals Made Simple cookbook is by Danielle Walker, the author of the wildly popular Against All Grain cookbooks and blog. It’s full of quick and simple paleo dinners, great for families and busy weeknights! Check it out on Amazon.

Affordable Paleo Instant Pot

I’m really getting into my Instant Pot thanks to this handy cookbook. It’s got a bunch of unbelievably simple and budget conscious IP recipes! I’d recommend this for young families and young professionals. Check it out on Amazon Amazon.

Whole30 Slow Cooker

Alexa, make my life easier. Oh wait, it’s already done. This cookbook is amazing if you love your crock pot or Instant Pot like I do. This brand new book from Melissa Hartwig Urban was calling my name since even before it came out! Check it out on Amazon.

Frugal Paleo

Really good recipes in here to help keep the budget under control (which is a big concern for me!). I really enjoyed the recipes. Check it out on Amazon.

Do you have any of these cookbooks, and do you love them? What Whole30 Cookbooks would you recommend for busy people?